Cottonseed protein removed gossypol

Cottonseed protein removed gossypol is a kind of light yellow granular protein feed raw materials through the production process of low-temperature extraction, oil extraction, removing gossypol and other new process. Cottonseed protein removed gossypol is a kind of new source ofprotein. Making use of our own patented technology, Chenguang designs technological process which can reduce the degree of protein denaturation, remove the gossypol and improve the nutrient level.. To guarantee the product quality, Chenguang constructs the first fullyautomated protein leaching control system in low temperature and the protein quality of infrared detection system online. Comparing with bean pulp, corn gluten meal, peanut meal, rapeseed dregs, fish meal and other plant and animal protein, cottonseed protein removed gossypol has lower prices and better quality, so it is widely used in animal and aquatic product feed. Depending on customer requirement, we can produce higher quality products whose protein content is more than 50% and free gossypol content is under 200ppm.

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