Cottonseed hull

Cottonseed hull is maily used in breeding edible fungi, medicinal fungi, and it also can be used as feed. Edible fungi manufactured from cottonseed hull has bright white color, delicious taste and low cost. Low cost and no pollution makes cottonseed hull the edible fungi’s all-purpose medium. Cottonseed hull’s comprehensive nutrition, strong water imbibition and good air permeability is the cottonseed hull’s first advantage as edible fungi’s main material. Cottonseed hull’s soluble carbohydrate content is 22% and nitrogen content 0.67%, besides, carbon nitrogen ratio is 70:1 and biological efficiency is above 100%. The second advantage is that contonseed hull has morderate particles after being smashed, so the farmer needs not to smash and prewet again whch is convenient to use and can lower work force.

We adopt automatic quantitative packaging for customer’s convenience.

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