Chenguang Biotech is planning to sign Marigold oleoresin forward contract @ 9 Cents/gram

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As one of the most important suppliers in Marigold oleoresin industry, Chenguang biotech using its own advantage of operation scale, exploring the innovative business model of cooperation to avoid volatile market. In 2016, Chenguang Biotech have tried sign forward contract with customers and built up strategy cooperation mode, fixed the cost for customers in advance and achieved good effect. Through this cooperation mode, not only guaranteed crop planting area and products sales, but also brought economic benefit to farmers and customers, finally achieved mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. In 2017, before the planting season of Marigold, Chenguang Biotech is planning to enlarge the strategy cooperation mode and bring benefits for more participants. Now Chenguang is planning to sign the first batch forward contract of marigold oleoresin for next season (2017-2018), total quantity is 100Millon grams, price is 9cents/gram, and other contact terms are subjected to reconfirmation. The deadline for signing contract is 20th, Feb, 2017.

Chenguang Biotech has final rights for interpretation of all terms.

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