Improve the environment

Based on the concept of economizing and green marketing, aimed at zero accident, zero injury, zero pollution, we formulate standard of behavior, establish environmental protection management system and supervisory system, improving equipment and improve efficiency of resource use.

Protect staff’s rights and health

The labor contract is signed based on equality and voluntariness.  We have intergrated talent selection, evaluation and motivation system, welfare mechanism, security system and various labor security system. We also have perfect training system.Female employees' legitimate rights are guaranteed especial.

Follow commercial ethics

According to “Green purchasing and procurement of responsibility” principle, we confirm purchase and supplier standard, establish standards of business conduct, the internal control system and quality traceability system, and improve quality test and control system.

Promote community building

Taking an active part in community builing, we pay attention to improve community education and environment and advance community employment rate.

Drive the enterprise and the society to develop together

Establishing product base in rural areas to increase farmer’s income; Actively set up public welfare undertakings; accelerate the development of new product technology ; Strengthen technical communication between enterprises, and promote the development of industry and technology progress.

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